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About myself

My name is Olin. Since I was a young girl a had a very sensitive intuition for spiritual topics.

I have been working in my profesional career as well as tarotist, astrologyst, numerologyst, and Holistic Healer.
Since I was a very young girl the spiritual area was very interesting for me.

Also, I have studied human development, meditation, astrology, Neuro Linguistic Programming
and some other spiritual studies.

Along my work with my professional career I have been a Tarot Reader. This has been my pasion for years. Also Astrology and Numerology are selfknowledge tools, that will help you to contact with the bottom of your heart.
Clarify your way and discover your stregnths to go forward your objectives.

A tarot reading helps everyone to turn towards your internal side, and find out what you need to develop and resolve the issues in your every day life.

The tarot is a guide, its messages and advices will help you to find the balance that we all are looking for, in our life.


- Find out what is on your way, where are you heading to and what the tendencies might be.
- You will reconnect with your internal strenght and make the best of your life.
- Heal your relationships with yourself and your closest people.
- You will realize that there is always a reason why situations happen in your life,
- and you will discover the lesson behind it.

The readings might be face to face, through skype, by telephone, chat or e-mail.

Enrich your life with the valuable information that Tarot has for you!