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Below you will find some tarot spreads and questions that I use to help you, but also I can do
a reading for you according to your needs..

Past Lives Readings
Have you ever felt caught in a complicated relationship?

  • Or a relationship that goes back and forth endlessly?
  • Or have you had a "deja vou" or a feeling that you have already been in a particular place?
  • Or a fear that you can not explain yourself?
  • Or a deep interest in an ancient culture that latter on becomes familiar to you?

The american dr. Brian Weiss, says that when you visit a past life where a dramatic experience could hapen to you, it helps you to heal that part of your current life.

Go ahead and try it!!!

Among the most common questions:

  • How does the trend with my current partner look like?
  • Does my current loving relationship will have a future?
  • What is going on with me that I can not find a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • Are we both compatible?

Decisions to take
different alternatives:

  • You can ask the pros and cons.
  • Or, what would happen if I go for alternative 1?
  • What would happen if I go for alternative 2?
  • Should I move to a different city?

Do I have a future in this company?
What are the trends in my job this year?
What are my strenghts for this job interview?
What weeknesses should I be careful for the interview?

What is the obstacle for my prosperity?
Will my finances rise up again?
Is better for me to be an employee or a start with a businness?

What do I need to do to reach this particular goal?
What do I need to do to get a better job?
Why do I feel that I can not go further with this problem?

Close to your birthday you can ask, what energy will I have with me in this new year in my life.
Also you can give it as a gift to someone you love.

General spread ... for the most important things in your life.

You have more than one way to have a Tarot reading: Skype, telephone, or Paltalk.
The advantages of these tools is that the reading can be more direct and interactive, you can take notes.

Advantages of e-mail readings, is I can make the reading and deliver it to you in Word file,
for you to analize it, and e-mail back in addition from your side.

Go ahead with your best decision!