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Pythagoras used to say that every process in our life goes through the numbers 1 to 9. He heritaged his knowledege, and one of them is named Numerology.

In numerology, a number y assigned to a every single letter in the alphabet, and the whole set of letters in a name contains in that way a vibration.
With your name and birht date you will know how the numbers in your name influence through your whole life.

So it means, that is not the same to be named Marie than Mary. When you change your name, your destiny changes completly.
The Numerological Chart will help you to know what is behind your name and its influence in your every day life, including your nick-name.

Did you know that there are names that empower you and some nick names that make you less strong?

Are you going to have a baby?

You will have to select a name that will define its whole life, do not name it randomly,
contact me and I can advise which of the ones you have in mind will be more benefitial.

Find it out with a Numerological Chart!!!

Your Numerological Chart can be also a complemental part for your astrological chart.

What is necessary to have it?

Your complete name, and birth date I can develop your Numerological Chart and we can schedule an appointment to give a wide explanation through skype.

Do you have questions? Do not hesitate in contact me now!

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