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When you know what you need to attract for you or get rid off, from you, and recognize yourself as the architect of your own destiny. With the Intention you can atract, get away, or create whatever you desire in perfect armony with the universe.

The art of act with a very well defined intention. In a specific date and time, Will lead your unconcious mind to accept the symbolic goal that you want to get or get rid off, in the highest vibration that is the love.

This fact is named ritual.

Nowdays some general rituals, are celebrated by different religion groups on weekends without a specific intention from the participants.

With a particular and personal ritual designed for you and your needs, you will empower yourself to atract what you deserve because your divine nature.
Or, you will get rid off the programs recorded in your uncouncious mind when you were a child, or even the the heritage that your ancestors have been inheriting to you and are blocking your way to your objectives.

When the consultants stop watching their uncouncius mind as their own enemy and lose the fear to look at themselves in a mirror, they can discover those programs recorded in their childhood that brings suffering. When this happen, they usually ask for a solution.

The objective of a ritual, is to achieve what you really want but for some reason you have not been able to get.

I will be happy to design the ritual you need and I will send it to you by e-mail for you to perform it, in private at your home, with specific instructions, dates, and time, the material you will need to buy to make it.

The rituals can be designed for all kind of topics:

- Abundance
- Love
- Make easier a change in your life
- Set you free or get rid off something/someone
- Empower yourself (to get a job, interview, work, get a better position at work, etc.)
- Clean your aura, home, office, business, etc.
- Personal protection, protect your house, office, business, etc.

E-mail me for more information