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Healing is something that I practice with love and respect. Based upon in the theory that we are soul, mind and body.
The scientist and physicians recognize the relationship between emotions and physical sickness. Having constant negative emotions can cause illness.

Holistic healing goes to the root of the problem, not only the symptoms. The only requirement to heal is that the person has a true and strong
desire to do so.


I am master Reiki. In this technique the healer acts as a energy channel with the patient. I use radiestesy,
and crystals to help out along with the Reiki technique.


Hawaian Technique, oriented to erase painful memories that are affecting our health.
It leads us to connect with our internal child.
It is very simple, easy, and extraordary to work with.

Radiestesy Healing
Technique where I use a pendulum (dowsing) for the different chakras, so they can be aligned and hence healed.

Crystal Healing
Healing through crystals applied in different chakras based upon the needs detected.

I use it in my face to face therapies to set your mind in an alpha state, and work with afirmative and positive statements. It has been proved that our thoughts have an efect in every cell from our body. Happy people do not usually get sick.The objective is to reprogram the internal dialogue and negative thoughts observed, and to replaced them with positive thoughts instead.

These therapies could be face to face or from the distance.
I might combine two or more techniques in a healing session.

I usually have my Paltalk room to have a healing session, and I use Skype as well.

To set up an appointment or for further questions contact me!